How To Pick The Right Wall Color

“Painted Walls” by Stoonn

“Painted Walls” by Stoonn

When it comes to interior decoration a lot of people would think that it all boils down to picking the right furniture. Some would pay a lot of attention to the window dressing and other details. However, if you want your interior decoration efforts to really go well, you have to focus on picking the right wall color. In fact, on a square inch by a square inch basis, your choice of wall color has a more dramatic impact on the success of your interior decoration efforts than specific pieces of furniture or other details in the room. Why is this? Your wall color sets the right personality. It sets the right tone for a particular interior space. If you get this particular detail wrong, regardless of how well the other pieces in the room try to make the overall design work, things will still look a bit off. Things will still look awkward. If you want your room to look the best it is capable of looking, pick the right wall color. Keep the following factors in mind.

Check the color of the furniture pieces

You have to remember, every little piece that goes into a room does not stand on its own, it is always a part of a larger setting. Every little detail impacts all the other details. So if you want to pick the right wall color you have to look at the different colors of the furniture. They have to work together.

Which room?

Different rooms should have different colors. After all, different rooms have different personalities and different uses. At the very least, different rooms have different people staying in them. This is why it is very important to always factor in the kind of room it is, who will be staying in the room, in regards to your wall color decisions. This is no small matter. If you are going to be decorating a kid’s room, your wall color options are different than if a senior citizen is going to be staying at the room. I hope this much is clear.

How important is mood or personality?

It might strike some people as a little bit surprising why this question is even asked. For many people, mood and personality is very important in terms of interior design. They automatically assume that if you are going to be designing different rooms then each has to have different moods or personalities. While this is true at a certain level, this applies more dramatically to some rooms than others. If you have a lot of rooms in your home and only four of the eight rooms will be occupied by family members, then it is probably a good idea to set a general or standard mood for the other four rooms. For the rooms that are being occupied by family members, each would have their own distinct personality, each would have to have their own distinct mood. Make your wall color choices accordingly.

Picking the right wall color is no small detail, you should not overlook this important part of your interior decoration efforts. If you mess this up, it can have a dramatic effect on the look, personality and feel of the rest of the room.

Quick Guide To Wicker Furniture

If you are looking for a distinct furniture piece for a room that you are decorating, you might want to try wicker furniture. A lot of people have this mistaken assumption that wicker furniture is a fairly recent phenomenon. The reality is that it is not just an Asian thing. It is not just an ethnic furniture design look. In fact, wicker furniture goes back thousands of years. Wicker is actually a fiber that is rolled and woven into a shape that is very rigid or hard. When fiber is shaped this way, it can either act as a basket or a container or it can be used as furniture. Contrary to popular belief, wicker is not just made from bamboo or willow or rattan, in fact any plant based fiber that is strong and hardy enough can be turned into wicker furniture. The down side to wicker is that it has a certain connotation. So you really have to mix and match wicker elements to achieve a specific look and mood that you are shooting for. Here is some background information on wicker that you might want to consider when looking into adding wicker furniture into your interior space design.

Plant-based wicker

Plant-based wicker is actually the original form of wicker. Wicker furniture, containers and baskets were originally made from fiber that has been beaten and then woven to a rigid form so that they can be used as furniture, containers or baskets. These fibers are plant based and they can be made out of rattan, willow, bamboo and many other plants that can be shaped in the wicker making process. The down side to plant-based wicker is that they are vulnerable to humidity, heat and moisture. Humidity, heat and moisture breaks down plant-based wicker with time. The work around to this is the use of varnish or sealants. These varnishes and sealants keeps the moisture out so that the plant-based fiber can last a few more years.


Synthetic wicker is a fairly recent phenomenon. After all, modern plastic is fairly recent. Nylon and other synthetic fibers have not been around for two hundred years. These materials are fairly recent discoveries. The great thing about synthetic wicker is that they last a longer time. Unlike plant-based materials that degrade with moisture, a lot of plastic and synthetic wicker furniture items actually resist the moisture. This does not mean that these materials are immune to it, the material just resist it. It takes a bit longer for these materials to break and get worn down.

Metal wicker

One of the latest developments in wicker furniture is the use of metal. Metal wicker is really lots of polished wires that have been bent into a certain shape. These polished wires can be painted, galvanized and or even chromed. Metal wicker is very good looking and very modern. The down side to metal wicker is that it may such a modernistic look that if times and tastes change, it may look out of place.

There’s just something sexy about flea markets to the average American consumer. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy 30-40% savings? At least, this is what flea markets advertise. The main reason flea markets are so cheaper than department stores is the overhead. Unlike department stores that have to be there at a particular location at 24/7 basis, flea markets are once-a-week or twice-a-month kind of affairs. The overhead is lower. Distributors and importers can sell items at a much lower price because they don’t have to pay to pay for the fixed overhead of real estate.

Another reason why flea market items are so much cheaper than store items is because a lot of the items are old and used. flea markets are known as “the dumping ground” of stuff you no longer want. If you think garage sales are awesome, then you’d have a great time at flea markets because they really just glorify versions of the classic standard American garage sale.

With that said, don’t get too excited about shopping for used furniture items at a flea market. Just because you go to flea market to get stuff, doesn’t necessarily mean that you will walk away with a great bargain. Even if you pay a very low money for used furniture that you buy, it might still not be a bargain. Why? The item might be damaged. The item might have problems. The item might need a lot of repair. It might carry with it so much baggage, that, it basically destroys whatever value you got from the used furniture. You have to remember, people put up items at flea markets for sale for a reason.

If the item is going to sell at a much higher price somewhere else, you can bet that they would sell that item at that other place, unless, they are wholesalers, as mentioned above.

Keep the following tips in mind:

Look for damage

One main reason why used furniture items for sale at flea markets are being sold at a huge discount is that, some of them are damaged. Others are worn out. Others have a missing piece. Keep an eye out for these kinds of things. These are not deal killers. In fact, this might work to your advantage, because you can drive the price even lower.

Look for antiques

flea markets can also be gold mines. It’s not uncommon for people to discover an old painting, or a load piece of equipment or appliance and then find out that it’s an antique and sell it for hundreds of dollars, if not, thousands of dollars more. Be on the lookout for antiques. They do happen, but they are quite rare. It’s like hitting the lottery. Still, when you’re looking for used furniture items, it doesn’t hurt to look for an antique or two.

How much repair or refurbishing does the item need?

You have to always remember that when you are buying an item from a flea market, you have to look at the total cost of the item. The total cost doesn’t just stop at the amount of money that you have to shell out to walk away with the item. You have to also consider the amount of money you will have to pay for services to repair or refurbish the item that you bought. In many cases of doing this equation in your head, it actually makes the particular used item that you are considering buying, a bad deal. In this particular situation, it’s a good idea to negotiate with the seller. Maybe you can get the seller to sell the item at such a low cost, that, it would make financial sense to repair or refurbish that item

“Woman's Feet Sticking Out Of Blanket On Bed At Home” by FrameAngel

“Woman’s Feet Sticking Out Of Blanket On Bed At Home” by FrameAngel

When it comes to coverings for your mattress, you really have only two choices. You can use a comforter set or you can use a duvet. What is the difference? Comforter sets actually involves a fairly fixed cover with padding inside. You can take the padding material out so you can wash the external cover. This can be a hassle and usually comforter sets are intended to be washed fairly infrequently. With the duvet on the other hand, the external material of your padding is a sheet that can be easily removed. This sheet is quite thin and can be washed fairly frequently. The reason people use duvet, is a range from household-to-household. Here are just three of the main selling points of using a duvet instead of a comforter set.


If you are going to be using a comforter set, get ready to lift. We’re not talking about heavy lifting like you would on the gym, but you still be lifting. While a portion of your comforter set is easy to sweep aside, if you have to gather up your whole comforter, it can get quite heavy. With a duvet, you are dealing with fairly light materials. It has a light padding, insulation and a light external cover. As a result, the whole duvet construction is much lighter than comforter set. It’s easier to move aside duvet cover. It’s easier to gather up duvet for cleaning. It’s also easier to wash duvets. In terms of insulation cleaning, it’s much easier to handle duvets. In fact, it is a common practice to hang the main insulation padding out to dry after a periodic washing. Nothing makes your sheets smell fresh and natural than a very clean duvet. This isn’t always possible with comforter sets.

Lower Maintenance

While comforter sets are aimed at infrequent cleaning, they can be a hassle to clean. At the very least, you’d be vacuuming. At worst, you’d be taking the comforter apart and washing the external cover. The worst part of it is if for example, sweat or bodily fluids or any other kind of stain penetrates the comforter cover, odor can build up. The great thing about duvet is that it offers low maintenance. Not only can you wash the duvet cover fairly easily, you can also wash the insulation or padding fairly easily. This makes for a much easier and more frequent cleaning schedule. If you like your sleeping materials to smell like a bed of roses over the long hall, you simply can’t go wrong with the duvet.

Flexible Design

Another great thing about the duvet is that as long as you select a duvet that is a standard size for your mattress, you can replace the cover fairly frequently, there are many different duvet covers on the market that have different themes. Regardless of your color of preference or theme preference, there is going to be a product on the market for your duvet. This amount of flexibility is quite welcome because it can really liven up your room.

“Coffee” by amenic181

This is a question I have seen quite often lately.Single serve coffee makers are the craze at the minute. They are capable of making a cup of coffee, quickly, and easily, with no mess. This is true. But is the cup of coffee as good as a machine, that uses freshly ground coffee?

Firstly, the answer will be different from person to person. If you are a true coffee perfectionist, you will argue that a machine that does everything automatically, cannot produce a deep, rich, full bodied coffee. To a degree you would be right. The aroma is not as strong, and although I have not tried many of the coffee variations, the body of the coffee is not as intense.

If you are used to instant coffee granules, made in a cup, you will find the flavors from a single serve coffee maker pretty amazing. The coffee is far superior when compared to instant. The making procedure is almost as easy. Fill the water reservoir, place the coffee pod in the machine and press the button.

The machine has as in built water heater, which heats to the perfect temperature. The water is then passed through the coffee pod, or K cup, depending on the brand of machine you have, to fill your cup. Depending on the flavor coffee you have, there may also be a milk pod to finish the coffee off. Latte and cappuccino coffees typically have milk pods to compliment the coffee.

Even if you are a coffee purist, there is still a place for a single serve coffee maker in your arsenal. The beauty of them, is there speed. For the time it takes the machine to make your coffee, you don’t expect much at all. But the taste is surprisingly good. So if you are in need of a quick fix, and don’t have time to break out all the equipment, one of these coffee makers are more than up to the job.

There are a few manufacturers, all competing for a stake in this market. Currently the leader is Keurig. There are several models in their range, across several price barriers. In our opinion, the for value for money and features, is the Keurig K45 Elite Brewing System. It is in the middle of the price range, and is packed with nice features. One of the features being able to program the machine and set a timer. Nothing better than waking in the morning to your coffee already being made for you. Its like having your own personal servant.

A single serve coffee maker will never take the place of one of the traditional machines, but they can compliment them excellently. Able to make a super tasting coffee in double quick time. Maybe something you should be considering?

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